Paws off my Bark Bites Jar

Paws off my Bark Bites Jar

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Paws Off my Bark Bites Jar

This makes a perfect treat jar for your dog to store all their Bark Bite treats for added freshness! Around 25.5cm tall and made of glass, it has been specially chosen to be able to fit the majority of the Bark Bites treats, especially fan favourites such as the rabbit ears. It seals like a kilner jar with air tight rubber around the rim which means it can hide even the smelliest of the Bark Bite treats!

  • Large Jar (2L, 25.5cm cm tall, 11.5cm wide)
  • Air tight seal (for freshness and smell)
  • Metal clip for seal
  • Made of glass

Please note, due to the "Paws off my Bark Bites" print we do not recommend washing this jar in the dishwasher.