JR Pate

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JR Pate 200g

This pate is very versatile while being 100% natural and hypoallergenic due to being single protein, and to top it off it is a very high value treat. It can be used for training, in Kongs or on Lickimats, stuffed into our tracheas and hooves or any other training aid. You can dice it, slice it, cube it, cut it, stuff it, spread it and sprinkle it.

Please note: Rabbit flavour cannot be included in Random or Custom Mixes.

  • All our treats are 100% natural 
  • No nasty additives colourings or preservatives. 
  • Natural dental cleaners
  • Responsibly sourced 
We advise to always supervise your pup with any treat or chew and provide fresh drinking water at all times.