The Surprise Scraps Box

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 The Surprise Scrap Box

Here at The Bark Bites, as you know we like to see no waste with any animal parts, as we love to use everything. On the odd occasion we have quite a few scrap peices left over example; broken items, items that are generally to small and not fitting perfect criteria for our boxes. Anything not to box or standard would be reused into this Scrap Box.

We've made up a tasty large 12 inch box average 700g/900g filled with a mixture of different items; Please note, If your dog has any allergies we advice not to order these boxes as these are all pre made and unfortunately cannot be tailored around specific needs. As you don’t know simply what you might get!

The boxes are limited in numbers once there gone there gone, until we receive damaged stock or stock that is not fitted for our standard boxes. 

  • No nasty additives colourings or preservatives. 
  • Natural dental cleaners
  • Responsibly sourced 
We advise to always supervise your pup with any treat or chew and provide fresh drinking water at all times.