The Boneless Box

The Boneless Box

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The Bark Bites Boneless Banquet

The boneless box, perfect for owners who like to avoid feeding bone treats. We've had alot of request on what treats don't have bone. To make things easier we thought we'd make the perfect box for your pups to enjoy!

We've picked what treats have been the most popular on our website since opening. These treats are still 100% natural and packed with  with usual health benefits.

This box includes:

• 1 Cow Ear Without Fur
• 5 Rabbit Ears
• 1 Large Venison Sausage
• 1 Medium Trachea
• 3 Pig Snouts
• 1 Pig Ear
• 2 Large Paddywack
• 1 Braided Pizzle
• 1 Medium Beef Bark
• 2 Fish Flatties

Each of these items is stocked on our site separately if you require more information.

• All our treats are 100% natural 
• No nasty additives colourings or preservatives. 
• Natural dental cleaners
• Responsibly sourced 

We advise to always supervise your pup with any treat or chew and provide fresh drinking water at all times.