Treat Box

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Treat Box

Our Treat Box is a great starter box for your pups to explore 100% natural treats. This is our best selling box, especially when doubled up!

This box includes:

  • 1 Pig Ear
  • 2 Rabbit Ear
  • 2 Sausages
  • 1 Beef Tripe
  • 1 Pig Snout
  • 2 Chicken Feet
  • 1 Duck Neck
  • 1 Goat Ear 
  • 1 Large Paddywack
  • Handful of sprats

Each of these items is stocked on our site separately if you require more information.

  • All our treats are 100% natural 
  • No nasty additives colourings or preservatives. 
  • Natural dental cleaners
  • Responsibly sourced 
We advise to always supervise your pup with any treat or chew and provide fresh drinking water at all times.