Topper Box

Topper Box

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The Topper Box

As enrichment toys are now becoming more popular we've decided to build a Topper Box for you guys to take advantage of. This box will be filled with treats suitable for filling your enrichment toys for your pups. If this box is purchased with one of our Toppls you'll receive a free Fish Training Treats 35g!

This box includes:

• 5 Beef Spaghetti
• 3 Rabbit Ears
• 2 Lamb Twists
• 1 Braided Pizzles
• 2 Fish Flatties
• 2 Meat Strips
• 1 Fish Finger
• 3 Chicken Feet
• 3 Sausages
• 1 Beef Paddywack
• 2 Duck Feet
• 1 Poultry Training Treats 35g
• 1 Shrimp Sprinkle 10g
• Handful of Sprats

** If your dog has any allergies please leave a note in the comments and we can substitute those items**

Each of these items is stocked on our site separately if you require more information.

• All our treats are 100% natural 
• No nasty additives colourings or preservatives. 
• Natural dental cleaners
• Responsibly sourced 

We advise to always supervise your pup with any treat or chew and provide fresh drinking water at all times.