Breeder Pack Natural Dog Chew Dental Aid

Breeder Pack

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Breeder Litter Pack

We are now able to offer The Breeder Litter Pack exclusively for Breeders. ⠀

This offer is available as a 5 box package. Each box will contain:⠀
  • 2 rabbits ears (with fur) ⠀
  • 2 chicken feet⠀
  • 2 sausages⠀
  • 1 Large paddywack⠀
  • Handful Sprats⠀
  • 35g Training Treats⠀
Any additional boxes would be at the DISCOUNTED price of £6.50 each, but please note: additional boxes can only be bought if a "Main Package" is also purchased.

These boxes will also come with a leaflet with a 10% discount codes for the puppy owners to use on their first order!